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New to Easyshoes? Please see our how to measure graphicEasyshoe Information Page first where there are videos and sizing charts. Traditional shoe sizes do not equate to easyshoe sizing. Please measure your horse and check the sizing charts.

If you need to order in Bulk or are a professional trimmer or farrier please call 02 4457 3022 to order.

  • Mixing Straws for Vettec Adhere Glue

    Mixing Straws for Vettec Adhere Glue


  • Adhere Glue

    Vettec Adhere Two Pack Glue is ideal for applying Easycare Glove Glue on Shells, Flip Flops &…


  • Vettec Glue Dispensing Gun

    This gun helps you apply the two pac Vettec Glue more efficiently.  Recommended for anyone who is…


  • Equi-Pak CS


    Infused with copper sulfate to effectively manage mild and moderate cases of…


  • Vettec Equi-Pak Soft


    Handle those “sensitive situations” with Equi-Pak|Soft™. 
    • For use as pad/packing…


  • EasyShoe Performance NG

    Sold as pairs. Unique nailing plate makes the Performance N/G shoe able to be nailed or glued. …


  • EasyShoe Performance

    EasyShoe Performance  - Glue on shoe A wide-webbed shoe with integrated frog support. The unique…


  • EasyShoe Compete

    Easyshoe "compete" - sold as pairs - apply with glue. EasyShoe Compete Main Features A wide-webbed…


  • EasyShoe Sport

    Easyshoe Sport - sold as pairs (glue on shoe). EasyShoe Sport Main Features A wide-webbed shoe that…


  • EasyShoe Spacers

    Sold as pairs with screws  $4.20  or as kits plus screws  $7.00 Make it easier!  Tip:  Spacers are…


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