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Hoof Powder


HOOF POWDER is full of natural ingredients to help "fight the funk" and provide you with an easy care solution to  managing moisture and Thrush in hooves.

 Application for Animals Only

Encompassing a range of natural clays and powders with the following properties:

  • Toxin removing,  skin soothing, moisture absorbing.
  • Connective tissue regeneration
  • Protecting from external moisture
  • Cleans and protects skin, wound treatment,  odour neutralising.

Laced with essential oils of Peppermint and Lemongrass for the following properties:

 Such a handy product!. 

 Can be used to assist with THRUSH MANAGEMENT  by dusting over hooves daily and working into central sulcus and collateral grooves.  


  • Can be used as a general deoderiser in hooves to help ABSORB MOISTURE


  • Can be used with HOOF BOOTS - either when riding, using for rehab or as a deodorizer when boots are not in used (or after cleaning/washing)


  • Can be used on other general hoof/legwear for horses as a deoderizer/moisture absorber.

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